April 02, 2020
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Unimaze Software implements business message service in accordance with the requirements of the European Union

Unimaze Software has upgraded their applications for messaging services in accordance with the requirements of the European Union. Therefore, the company is ready for substantial changes happening soon and will be able to provide the latest technology to their clients.

In December 20017 conformance tests were concluded and the application is one of the first ones to become certified, on one hand in accordance with the eDelivery ESENS AS4 Messaging Service Specification and on the other hand for conformance with the eSENS SMP specification for registry lookup services.


eSENS, OpenPEPPOL and eDelivery

eDelivery is one of the building blocks of “Connecting Europe Facility” (CEF) which helps public entities to exchange digital data and documents with other public entities, companies and citizens in an interoperable, secure, reliable and trusted way.

The new AS4 specification will cover both distribution of business documents as well as general documents and data that need to be deliverd securely between public entities, companies and individuals.

The European Union and OpenPEPPOL made an agreement 19 September 2016 about OpenPEPPOL migrating from the current specification AS2 to the new AS4, which is in technical terms a substantially different specification, but in this way better coordination will be expected between service providers that offer message exchange.

8 December 2017, the first version of the PEPPOL AS4 specification was published, based on the eDelivery ESENS specification and soon OpenPEPPOL will announce their migration plan when the PEPPOL AS4 specification will be used in the OpenPEPPOL network. Support for larger documents will improve with this implementation since document in AS4 can be delivered compressed.

The Multitple Acess to eDelivery project

The implementation is part of the MADE (Multiple Access to eDElivery) project which is supported by the European Union through the “Connecting Europe Facility” (CEF) program. Besides implementing a message exchange service and registry lookups in the project, messages will be exchanged between companies in Iceland, Norway, Denmark, Netherlands and Spain.


More information about the certifications and conformance with eDelivery AS4 and eSENS SMP can be found here:

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