April 02, 2020
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Authentication across borders within the European Economic Area

Unimaze Software has now implemented a solution where users can digitally authenticate from one country to the other inside the EU. This allows individuals and organizations to use and authenticate using their national identification against services operating in countries outside their home country.


Electronic authentication and the EIDAS regulation

By this, individuals can securely and easily access public or private services, for example opening a bank account, applying for a university og set up a company abroad. Companies can for example confirm their own digital payments og take part in public bids using the authentication.

The electronic identification eID is part of the eIDAS regulation of the European Union (No. 910/2014), but in accordance with it all public services must be able to identify users with assurance of either “substantial” or “high” and be able to accept authentication schemes of other member countries.

Iceland, Norway and Liechtenstein as part of the European Economic Area, are under the same obligation under this regulation.

The technical framework, the so called eIDAS Network, is based on a setup where each and every country operates an identity provider and can communicate with the identity provider of other countries and trust and forward their authentication.

The eID@Cloud Project

The eID@Cloud project is supported by the European Union through the „Connecting Europe Facility“ (CEF) program. In the project, connections between Iceland, Norway, Denmark, Netherlands and Spain are tested specifically.


Funded by Connecting Europe Facility