April 06, 2020
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Unimaze adapts the European Norm on e-Invoicing

European Norm implemented in the product platform

Unimaze is currently working on adapting their solutions to comply with the latest requirements for e‑Invoicing in Europe as part of the POOL-TSPs project.

The so called European Norm (EN) is the subject of EU Directive 2014/55/EU, obligates all European public sector contracting authorities to receive and process e-Invoices. Its objectives are to foster adaption across the European economy as a single market.

Compliance with the EN standard requires adopting both supported syntaxes, invoice and credit note according the UBL syntax (Universal Business Language, based on UBL 2.1, ISO/IEC 19845:2015) and the CII syntax (Cross Industry Invoice, as specified in XML Schemas 16B SCRDM – CCI). Unimaze must pass compliance testing with CEF Digital for both syntaxes.

Most of the work is about updgrading the core system (eefacta Server) to the EN standard; capability lookups of business entities, processing (validations, transforms, viewing) and delivery.

In addition the core platform, the class libraries (ebComposer UBL and ebComposer Tools) are upgraded to support the EN standard, the billing web (eefacta Web), integration with Xero (eefacta Connect) as well as the tool web site http://e-business.tools.

The POOL-TSPs project

This project called "Adoption of the eIncoiving Directive through interconnected platforms of European Trust Service Providers" (POOL-TSPs in short) is supported by the European Union through the „Connecting Europe Facility“ (CEF) program.

In this project integration tests are conducted by exchanging e-invoices between consortium members from seven EU/EEA states, namely Belgium, Denmark, Netherlands, Iceland, Ireland, Italy and Sweden.


Funded by Connecting Europe Facility