April 02, 2020
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Public entities are implementing EN 16931 in Iceland

Unimaze, as a technical lead on the project Iceland INV-18, has finalized setting up servers for all the participants, provided business requirements and flow diagrams to the participants with useful links and all the necessary information for adapting their invoicing systems to the European Standard (EN). In addition, Unimaze has also organized meetings with each participant and guided them through the actions they need to do in order to finish all the stages of implementation successfully. ...
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Kick-off meeting for ICELAND-INV18 held in Reykjavik

On June 7, 2019, a first step was made towards implementing eInvoicing in the public authorities and institutions in Iceland. The Kick-off meeting was held in Reykjavik to introduce participants with the new project ICELAND-INV18, which is co-financed by Connection European Facility and INEA. The goal of the project is to enhance the cross-border B2G transactions in Europe. The meeting successfully presented the participants with the project objectives and the steps that they will be takin...
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Unimaze adapts the European Norm on e-Invoicing

Unimaze is currently working on adapting their solutions to comply with the latest requirements for e‑Invoicing in Europe as part of the POOL-TSPs project. The so called European Norm (EN) is the subject of EU Directive 2014/55/EU, obligates all European public sector contracting authorities to receive and process e-Invoices. Its objectives are to foster adaption across the European economy as a single market.
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Authentication across borders within the European Economic Area

Unimaze Software has now implemented a solution where users can digitally authenticate from one country to the other inside the EU. This allows individuals and organizations to use and authenticate using their national identification against services operating in countries outside their home country.
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