January 24, 2020
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Markús Guðmundsson founded Unimaze Software in 2007. He has an MSc degree in Computer Engineering from University of Miami and a degree in Electronic Engineering from the University of Iceland. Besides software development, his professional focus area is mainly in the area of standards related to electronic business;  document handling and message delivery.

Markús always puts practicality in first place and has large attention to detail, some say too much, but then working with standards and compliance should fit him perfectly. His favorite phrase is "don't bend the rules" makes him an excellent missionary for making sure that invoicing will be for everyone - no more costly point-to-point customization - now is the time of the SMEs.

Markús has participated and contributed in the following committee work on standards:

  • CEN e-Invoicing Phase 3, as an editor of WG1 E-Invoicing Compliance Guidelines and contributing to WG5 Code of Practice for Electronic Invoicing in Europe.
  • CEN BII as a contributing member.
  • CEN PEPPOL as a contributing member.
  • NESUBL as a contributing member.
  • ICEPRO as a contributing member.
  • OpenPEPPOL Technical Infrastructure Group as a contributing member. 
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E-Invoicing Compliance Guidelines

E-Invoicing Compliance Guidelines

CEN issued the Good Practice: E-Invoicing Compliance Guidelines and an accompanying Web Compliance Tool, which gives advice on how to implement E-Invoicing properly with regards to legislative and technical requirements and best practices.
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