Unimaze Digitizer - 100% digital e-invoicing solution

You no longer need paper or transportation/shipping to handle invoices.

Unimaze Digitizer is a solution that converts all inconvenient invoice formats like png, jpeg, PDF, etc. into electronic docs/invoices. No need to key in invoices manually into ERP systems with this easy-to-use solution.

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Unimaze Digitizer - How does it work and what are the benefits?

Are paper invoices weighing you down? Are you eager to eliminate transportation, mailing, shipping fees, and labor-intensive processes associated with paper invoicing?

Stamp out manual invoicing with the Unimaze Digitizer, a solution that transforms paper invoices like PDF, JPEG, PNG, and email-attached invoices into e-invoices in a few clicks.

How Does the Unimaze Digitizer Work?

The Unimaze Digitizer uses Machine Learning ML) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) to intuitively pull data from paper invoices and documents, converting it into e-invoices and e-documents with minimal human intervention.

This next-level technology enables your accounting system to read paper invoices. It scans the invoices and transforms them into a machine-readable format.

While e-mail attached and PDF invoices are already machine-readable, the Unimaze Digitizer trains the computer to extract data from the invoice. As a result, you can eliminate manual data entry.

While your AP staff may need to validate the info, the process, by and large, is automated to run on its own.

What the Unimaze Digitizer Brings to Your Business

The Unimaze Digitizer comes with a host of value-driven benefits to your business:

Massive Savings

By enabling you to convert paper invoices to e-invoices, the Unimaze Digitizer allows you to cut down costs and achieve remarkable savings as follows:

  • A single employee can process 6,000 paper invoices annually. The Digitizer ups that number to 90,000 e-invoices annually, translating to 15x more efficiency.
  • By eliminating shipping, transportation, and mailing costs, the Unimaze Digitizer allows you to save 6.7 euros per invoice.
  • Faster invoice processing. Converting a paper invoice to electronic invoice cuts the number of days it takes to process the invoice from 15 to 3 days
  • By enabling you to go 100% digital, the Unimaze Digitizer further helps your business reduce its carbon footprint by 63%

Invoice Digitization

With the Digitizer as part of your accounting system, you can process all invoices digitally, allowing your business to unlock the broader benefits of electronic invoicing. That way, you can create consistency across all your electronic formats, including XML, PDF, etc.

Accurate Invoices

The Unimaze Digitizer drastically improves the accuracy of the converted emails. The solution is super-sophisticated, and thanks to the underlying AI technology, it gets smarter as it converts more paper invoices to e-invoices.

Elimination of Manual Processes

The Digitizer is an all-in-one digital invoicing solution designed to reduce manual, repetitive, and time-wasting tasks required to process paper invoices, thus creating time for your AP team to focus on other value-added tasks.

Seamless Transition for Suppliers

Suppliers will no longer need to change/alter their invoice formats. Instead, they will send their invoices as usual, and they’ll automatically be converted to digital invoices thanks to the Unimaze Digitizer.

Better Overall Invoice Processing and Management

The Unimaze Digitizer is just one part of our e-invoicing solution suite. Combining the Digitizer with other Unimaze solutions means:

  • Faster invoice processing, approval, and payment
  • Real-time invoice insights
  • Improved accuracy is business-critical calculations like VAT
  • Better account reconciliation
  • Low-cost data preservation
  • Increased transparency
  • Improved customer satisfaction
  • Increased automation

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