Unimaze Supplier portal - All invoices 100% electronic

A custom-made solution for e-invoicing

Unimaze Supplier portal makes it easier for public entities, suppliers, and businesses to manage and process invoices and ensures that all incoming invoices are electronic, enabling seamless tracking, paying, and management.

By leveraging Unimaze's Supplier portal infrastructure, public entities and B2B and B2C businesses can process incoming customer invoices in a continuous, automated process, from recording to the final booking.  The prepared invoices are automatically checked for order reference, quantity, and price deviation. If a customer's accounting system cannot prepare and send an e-invoice, the Unimaze Digitizer steps in and allows you to convert incoming PDF or paper invoices in minutes. Save money - drawbacks of storage and labor costs, manual routing, classification, misfiling, losses, and multiple handling. More accurate data - reporting, budgeting, and auditing are efficient and precise. It automatically flags exceptions to be reviewed by your approvers . Automated matching - eliminates overpayment and duplicate payments.

How does the Unimaze Supplier portal work?

Unimaze Supplier portal ensures that you get all your incoming invoices electronically. It's a page within your company‘s web pages that allows businesses and contractors to make e-invoices and send them directly to your ERP system. Unimaze Supplier portal is easy to use, and the only thing you need for the integration process is to answer an already made list of questions, and it will be up and running in just a few weeks.

Benefits of using Unimaze Supplier portal

  • Automation
  • Optimization
  • Time-saving
  • Simplification
  • All in one place
  • Proper standards

Setup - Unimaze sets up a custom invoicing website. Hosts and programs. You will resave a form with questions that help us customize the web to your needs.

Making an Invoice - The sender fills in the information on the Unimaze Supplier portal website and sends it to the right recipient. Unimaze Supplier portal ensures that no information is missing. So, the sender cannot send the invoice unless all information is needed and the information is correct. The process is perfectly automated, and you will never have to worry about resaving incorrect invoices.

Standards -Unimaze prepares an invoice according to standards, takes the information that was filled in on the invoice website, and prepares an electronic invoice.

Receive e-invoice - An electronic invoice is sent to the recipient's inbox and ready to be read into the ERP system.

Automatic activity - An invoice is read into an accounting system, and there is no need for manual input.

The Actual profit of Receiving e-invoicing

According to a survey made by EY, the most beneficial savings are in receiving e-invoices. Your company can be sending e-invoices and profit from that, but by receiving all invoices electronically, you are adding a considerable value.

According to a survey made by EY, the most beneficial savings are in receiving e-invoices.
According to a survey made by EY, the most beneficial savings are in receiving e-invoices.

To whom is the Unimaze Supplier portal most beneficial

Unimaze Supplier portal will ensure that all the incoming invoices are electronic, reducing the work it takes to manage incoming invoices. Therefore Unimaze Supplier portal is most beneficial to businesses that handle a fair amount of paper invoices monthly.

Examples of businesses that benefit from the Unimaze Supplier portal

  • A municipality
  • Sports clubs
  • Organizations
  • Enterprises

However, suppose your company/organization receives monthly paper invoices but not as many paper e-invoices to justify getting a Supplier portal. Neither the less, you want your business to be 100% electronic. In that case, we recommend that you look at Unimaze Digitizer. Unimaze digitizer is a solution that converts all inconvenient invoice formats like png, jpeg, PDF, etc., into electronic docs/invoices automatically. No need to key in invoices manually into ERP systems.

Read more about Unimaze Digitizer here

So, where do I go from here?

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