Electronic Invoice Approval Software

6 August 2023

Introducing Unimaze’s Electronic Invoice Approval Software. Paperless, Seamless, Secure.

Cut costs, boost efficiency, and gain deeper insights into your Accounts Payable with Unimaze's electronic invoice approval software. Our cloud-based invoice automation solution seamlessly integrates with your existing accounting system and routes all invoices electronically to the right approver, making the approval process quicker and more efficient.

Create Automated Invoice Approval Workflow with Unimaze

When tracking, sharing, and managing invoices consumes more time than actual work for you and your AP team, it’s time to automate your invoice approval process.

Experience invoice approval workflows that are more efficient, swift, intelligent, and simple with Unimaze Accounts Payable automation solution.

With Unimaze invoice approval workflow software, you can free up your AP team’s valuable time, enabling them to focus on strategic tasks that drive your business forward.

Why Unimaze Electronic Invoice Approval Software?

Our automated invoice approval solution eliminates manual data entry, speeds up invoice approvals, and provides insightful analytics, enabling better invoice management.

Unimaze invoice approval software allows your business to:

Go Paperless

With Unimaze AP automation, you can say goodbye to paper invoicing and the time-consuming, error-prone manual invoice approval process.

Ditching paper invoices means you can send 100% electronic invoices, boosting your Accounts Payable department efficiency with an automated invoice approval workflow.

Unimaze invoice approval software offers managed physical and digital mailboxes, swiftly centralizing and converting all your invoices into accurate, easily-to-handle e-invoices. You can then access these digital invoices easily in your approval workflow.

Leverage Three Way Matching

According to the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners (ACFE), your business risks losing 5% of its yearly revenue to AP fraud. Further, accounts payable fraud typically goes undetected for 14 months, resulting in average monthly losses as high as $8,300.

Three-way invoice matching is crucial for your accounts payable process to protect your business against fraud and unauthorized payments.

Our invoice approval system enables you to harness fully automated three-way matching with electronic invoice data. The process involves matching your incoming invoices against the corresponding purchase order (PO).

The Unimaze approval software integrates with your ERP or accounting system to match invoices with PO and flag any discrepancies for further review.

Leverage Smart Routing

Unimaze electronic AP workflow automation allows customizable approvals routing.

Our solution enables your accounts payable team to develop business rules to manage and route PO and non-PO electronic invoices.

Your finance team can effortlessly match PO-based invoices to your purchase order and receipt data, then send them directly to your ERP or accounting software for payment, saving time on approvals and turnarounds.

For invoices that don’t automatically match, such as non-PO invoices, Unimaze e-invoice approval software allows you to set up sophisticated yet flexible, smart approval routing to ensure invoices reach the correct approver quickly and efficiently the first time.

Faster payments for supplier invoices mean early payment discounts for your business.

Enjoy Flexible ERP Integration

Unimaze’s invoice approval automation is designed to integrate flawlessly with any ERP or accounting system. Its seamless Enterprise Resource Planning connectors enable smooth data transfer without overburdening your IT infrastructure.

As a result, you can remove inter-departmental barriers, improve cash flow, achieve clearer spend visibility, and enhance process efficiency across AP departments.

In addition, you can track metrics across your invoice approval workflow in real time. That way, you can identify bottlenecks slowing down invoice approval requests.

Approve Invoices on the Go

Our digitized invoice approval workflow system is mobile-friendly. That way, people who approve invoices can review, approve, reject, carbon cop, route, and pend them while on the go, helping your business avoid late payments and penalties.

The mobile version boasts an intuitive, user-friendly interface enabling designated approvers to view business documents easily. They can also access matched info, allocations, and reports around the round, making approving invoices seamless and fast.

Speed Up Your Invoice Approval Process with Unimaze

Unimaze electronic invoice workflow approval software is a comprehensive solution for your AP Automation strategy.

Our user-friendly cloud-based service lets you streamline, centralize, and digitize your paper invoices, eliminating manual processing and promoting a paperless workflow.

By facilitating the automatic routing of electronic invoices for approval, the software improves efficiency, saving money and time.

Furthermore, it equips you with access to crucial data through real-time dashboards, driving your business forward.

With Unimaze electronic invoice approval software, you can achieve invoice management efficiency, cost-effectiveness, and real-time insight accessibility, contributing to your business’s overall growth and progress.

To get started, talk to an electronic invoice expert with deep experience and expertise in your industry.

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