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Transform your business in a technology-driven world.

Businesses are going digital with Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems, and you don’t want to be left out. SAP is a top ERP system that will come in handy if you’re in for a solution that will help transform your business in a technology-driven world.

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Why SAP?

SAP stands out when pitted against other in-class ERP systems due to the following reasons;

  • It Works for Any Business – Whether you’re a small enterprise or a multinational corporation, SAP offers an extensive portfolio that includes leading ERP solutions and tools to suit any business.
  • Innovative Technology – With over four decades of ERP experience, SAP is up-to-date with the latest innovations. The software can keep up with your business’s demand to boost efficiency and productivity by automating repetitive tasks.
    Flexibility and Security – SAP offers the flexibility your business needs to tailor processes, use the private or public cloud, and pay only for what you need.

Regarding security, SAP makes sure that your data is safe and well-protected from hackers. Further SAP reduces the number of threats targeting your business thanks to the state-of-the-art infrastructure it runs on.

SAP e-Invoicing offers businesses access to an all-in-one platform to integrate processes in the financial management cycle, including accounting, procurement, and compliance.

Integrating e-Invoicing into SAP

An integrated electronic invoicing solution is a third-party add-on that plugs directly into your SAP system. It seamlessly blends in with the software and offers additional functionality.

With an integrated payment solution for SAP, you can automate receiving, sending, and processing of your supplier’s e-invoices.

As a result of AP automation, you can process and record a payment at the close of business without the need to exit SAP.

Other benefits of integrating an e-Invoicing solution into your SAP system include;

  • No More Double Data Entry – With an integrated SAP solution, there’s no need to go back and forth between your payment software and ERP system.

The SAP payment application centralizes all the action. It applies payments to your invoices too. That way, you don’t have to enter payment data twice.

  • Fewer Errors and Improved Efficiency – Businesses that process invoices manually are likely to make errors, such as recording the wrong invoice number or forgetting to pay an invoice.

Integrating an electronic invoicing into SAP will cut down these mistakes. Besides, the automation of the entire payment process will ensure that your accounting team is more efficient.

  • Lower Processing Fees – Invoicing processing fees are unavoidable depending on who you’re dealing with, and with time they can add up.

However, integrating your payments in SAP can significantly reduce your processing fees with no additional requirement on your part.

More specifically, e-invoicing software can help lower costs by including additional information automatically with every transaction.

  • Improved Cash Flow – Apart from enhancing your AP processes, integrated software for SAP can also automate your collection processes, thereby increasing your cash flow.

With such a system, you don’t have to reach out to individual trading partners. The software will automatically notify your customers when their invoices are due for payment.

  • Safer Digital Payments – One of the biggest challenges companies and businesses face in implementing digital and contactless payments, especially after the raving pandemic.

An integrated SAP e-invoicing solution will help you counter the challenge by enabling omnichannel digital payment acceptance.

SAP e-Invoicing Means a Better Way of Doing Business

Integrating electronic invoicing into SAP simplifies workflow by merging various departments in an organization into a single system.

Here’s what implementing SAP e-invoicing means for your business

  • You’ll be joining a vast network of 70,000+businesses on the electronic invoice network.
  • You’ll get access to a single solution platform that covers your entire invoice management system, even for small and middle-sized trading partners with no particular e-invoicing data standard.
  • You’ll receive e-invoices from various channels through a single standardized interface.
  • You’ll lower costs per e-invoicing compared to paper invoice processing.
  • You’ll simplify archiving and VAT compliance by SAP in your industry.
  • You’ll be assured of a better service-level agreement (SLA).

Unimaze Is Your SAP Integration Partner

Indeed, there’s every reason to integrate an e-invoicing solution into your SAP system, given the many advantages of doing so.

Still, finding reliable e-invoicing software is easier said than done. Besides, integration is time-consuming and strenuous.

Unimaze is a leading compliant e-invoicing and certified SAP partner dedicated to delighting SAP customers with seamless integration.

We believe in real-time leveraging of SAP data, security to make SAP e-invoicing as beneficial as possible to your business.

Our SAP e-invoicing integration solution;

  • Supports 100 percent invoice digitization.
  • Is country compliant, allowing you to future-proof your business and, most importantly, comply with legal obligations.
  • Allows your team to focus on growth by improving efficiency.

Are You Looking for More End-to-End Visibility with SAP e-Invoicing?

Are you sending and receiving e-invoices in your business already? Or, are you implementing some form of EDI document exchange or mailbox for PDF invoices? Would you like to convert your paper invoices to electronic invoices and start to enjoy the benefits of the SAP financial supply chain?

Contact Unimaze support today, and let’s transform your invoicing process.

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