Uniconta - The Cloud-based ERP System

Uniconta is a revolutionary cloud-based ERP system that will change how you run your business.

The solution allows you to digitize your business processes such as financial administration, logistics, project administration, and more.

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Uniconta Features and Functionalities

Intuitive Dashboard

The built-in Windows dashboard, a stand-alone Business Intelligence tool, can integrate with Uniconta to enable you to create customized reports, lists, and graphs. That way, you can manage your business data better.

The dashboard analyzes data in real-time, allowing you to assess the business’s standing in no time.

Project Module

This function enables you to stay on top of your business’s costs, revenue, work currently underway and the time spent on each project.

The system allows you to choose a template that best suits your needs with each new project. With your data collected and stored in one central location, managing portfolios for your business and customers becomes easy.

General Ledger Module

An advanced feature, this module allows you to simulate journals and balances before posting. That way, you can view a transaction’s impact on your accounts before updating the journal.

On top of that, using this feature, you can post transactions of several fiscal years simultaneously. Further, you can block or close financial years for accurate posting.

And then there’s the Chart of Accounts, a nifty function that shows your account balances, subtotals, and ratios.

Vendor Store Module

With Uniconta as your ERP system, you don’t have to worry about storing your vendor’s information safely. The solutions store your vendor’s data in a list for quick access.

Moreover, this feature allows you to send business documents to vendors via email directly from Uniconta. In addition, you can store your vendor’s payment information and ID, streaming your payment processes.

Purchase Order Management Module

This function enables you to keep track of items and services you’ve ordered from vendors. That way, you can receive merchandise from our vendors in parts.

Plus, you can cancel purchase orders and make mass purchase updates. The system also allows you to create purchase orders and pay for items in foreign currency.

Logistics Module

This feature improves the general ledger module and stock management. More specifically, it enables you to create batch management/serial numbers, complete with expiration dates, warranty period and comments sections.

It also allows you to surpass Uniconta’s 60 characters text limit if you need to include longer product texts or translate them into a foreign language.

CRM Module

This module comes with a host of tools for better lead management. It enables you to link more information to a potential client’s account. It continues to store the interaction between your business and the prospect once he/she converts into a customer.

It also allows you to categorize your prospects and customer according to interests and products/services they may want to buy from you.

Inventory Management

Uniconta’s inventory management module covers physical and financial management.

The first feature requires that your business adopts and implements the Logistics Module while the latter enables you to create purchased/sold goods and service items.

You can set inventory items in an item card with text, prices, and item numbers. The item card eliminates the inconvenience of entering item text manually every time you send an invoice and need to refer elsewhere for prices.

Sales Order Module

This module allows you to manage your orders, shipments, invoicing, and quotations. You can separate the sales and quotations and have a better view of your outstanding quotations that you may want to follow up.

Manufacturing Module

With this feature, you can manage your Bills of Materials (BOMs) production and get an overview of production BOMs your team is working on currently.

The function enables you to see your production lines and the raw materials. You can also store the finished production lines and report items as finished.

The Bottom Line

With what it has to offer, the Uniconta ERP system is the solution for any business that wants to automate business needs.

By eliminating manual data entry, the system reduces the risk of errors and increases your team’s productivity.

And, streamlined business processes allow you to focus on growing your business, generating leads, and keeping your customers happy.

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