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Any business can benefit from the effectiveness of processing e-invoices with Xero.

In a business world where efficiency is essential, integrating Xero into your accounting system can be one of the best decisions for your business.

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Whether you’re a small business or a large multinational, you can benefit from the effectiveness of processing e-invoices with Xero.

In a business world where efficiency is essential, integrating Xero into your accounting system can be one of the best decisions for your business.

What follows is a rundown of what it means to send and receive electronic invoices with Xero.

Your Invoices Won’t Get Lost in the Mail

If your trading partners don’t see your invoices, you won’t get paid. Do you know what this means? It implies that your invoicing process must be super-efficient. We’re talking about having an invoicing system that makes sure your debtors see your invoices every time you send them.

Xero sends your invoices directly to your debtors and trading partner’s accounting system. That way, the invoices won’t get lost in your customer’s email folder. On your part, you can be sure that your client received your invoice.

Less Admin Work

With Xero as part of your accounting system, you won’t have to do manual data entry, which reduces the risk of errors.

Xero ensures that your electronic invoices appear automatically as a draft bill, awaiting your approval – which you can do at the click of a button. Less admin work translates to more saved time for your accounts department.

You Get Paid Faster

You want to get paid faster … and Xero helps you get your money quickly. You see, when customers don’t miss your invoices, it means that they can pay promptly or as per the invoice terms.

Further, when you spend as little time as possible creating your e-invoices with zero errors, it means that you can process more invoices within a given period. Think of it as a way to allow you to support more clients in less time.

Moreover, this implies you can send timely invoices, which allows you to get paid on time. According to Xero, customers who use their system to send electronic invoices get paid up to 25 days faster than those who don’t.

Real-time Financial Reporting

The ability to efficiently manage cash flow is crucial to the financial success of any business. Besides, the lack of timely financial data can make or break your company.

In most cases, entrepreneurs don’t have real-time insights into their business’ finances, forcing them to conduct day-to-day operations blindly.

Xero solves this. The solution provides you with auto-updated, real-time data about your business’s financial standing, putting you in the driver’s seat.

Xero is PEPPOL Ready

This is a big one.

Xero allows you to exchange e-invoices via PEPPOL. For starters, this means that you can send and receive e-invoices from your international traders and still enjoy all the benefits mentioned above.

What’s more?

Electronic invoices exchanged through PEPPOL are secure irrespective of your trading partner’s location. And the beauty of it is that PEPPOL integrates seamlessly with Xero, so you don’t have to do anything to your accounting system.

Why Do You Need to Connect Xero to PEPPOL

Sure, you can send invoices from one Xero accounting system to another. But, why PEPPOL? There are many benefits of onboarding PEPPOL into Xero, including:

You Become a Preferred Supplier to the Public Sector

PEPPOL is the official electronic invoicing standard within the European Union (EU). It is also mandatory in several other countries. That means public authorities in the EU must be able to receive PEPPOL compliant e-invoices.

So, suppose you can send electronic invoices that meet PEPPOL standards. In that case, you can trade with state and municipal authorities and public sector organizations throughout the EU and other countries where e-invoicing is mandatory.

You Become Compliant

With data security attracting more attention across the globe, PEPPOL is your best bet when sending local and international electronic invoices.

When you integrate your Xero accounting system with PEPPOL, you can rest assured you’re living up to the strictest compliance requirements regarding e-invoicing in the EU.

You Can Avoid Expensive Roaming Fees

There are several parties involved when it comes to exchanging electronic invoices. There’s the sender, recipient, and a couple of other intermediaries. These intermediaries charge a fee for their services, most notably roaming fees for exchanging data.

With PEPPOL, however, the sender and recipient only pay the price agreed with the PEPPOL Access Point Provider, allowing you to exchange e-invoicing without extra costs being passed on to you.

Unimaze Can Help you Get Started With PEPPOL

If you’re using the Xero accounting system and would like to onboard PEPPOL, Unimaze can help you get started.

How it Works

Onboarding electronic invoices created in Xero to PEPPOL through Unimaze is easy.

  • Step-1 – Create and approve your invoice in Xero
  • Step 2 – Onboard your invoice to the secure PEPPOL e-invoicing network via Unimaze.
  • Step 3 – Your customer sees the invoices within their ERP system, ready for approval and payment.

Note – Unimaze is a certified PEPPOL access point provider. Partnering with us makes it possible for you to onboard Xero invoices to PEPPOL. We will connect you to PEPPOL, allowing you to send your Xero invoices securely over the PEPPOL network.

As a certified PEPPOL Access Point Provider, Unimaze is at the forefront of helping businesses connect to the PEPPOL network in Canada, the United Kingdom, Singapore, New Zealand, Australia, and Serbia.

With improved security, a more accurate view of your cash flow, reduced costs, and shorter payment cycles, it’s time to integrate your Xero accounting system with PEPPOL via Unimaze.

Contact Unimaze support today to connect your Xero account to PEPPOL.

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