Serbian e-invoicing transformation

16 August 2022

The Serbian e-invoicing transformation – get it right from the first attempt

The digital transformation of financial processes is going on full speed in Serbia, as the country has just reached a key milestone in its electronic invoicing (e-invoicing) revolution. From January 2022, Serbia has begun implementing mandatory e-invoicing, representing a major national transformation in accounting procedures, and Unimaze is a solid partner in that journey. The national digitization project is to be carried out in three stages, and the second evolutionary stage has just begun.

A recap of the main project stages:

A recap of the main project stages:

STAGE 1 – B2G: from 1 May 2022, all public sector suppliers were required to start issuing e-invoices, while the Serbian government had to be able to receive and store them.

STAGE 2 – G2B: from 1 July 2022, all Serbian public entities are required to send e-invoices to private companies, which must be able to receive and process them.

STAGE 3 – B2B: from 1 January 2023 all Serbian business players are to issue, receive and process e-invoices solely, via the eFaktura (SEF) national portal. This regulation applies to credit notes as well.

There is no room for experimentation or “try and see” in accounting procedures. Considering the scope and impact of this national digital transformation, the shift towards e-invoicing has to be carried out in the best manner from the very first time.

By choosing Unimaze as your digital transformation partner, you will not only meet the new local and international standards, such as the European Norm, or reach business efficiencies but will benefit from the following:

  • Unique accountant-specific features and integrations, such as tailored Microsoft Teams integration, automated digitalization of invoices, and several other practical tools making accountants' work life easier;
  • Partnerships and integrations with all ERP systems across the globe, facilitating international scaling endeavors;
  • Project facilitation by seasoned professionals with deep expertise in accounting and IT system integration while working with governments and businesses since 2003.

The new regulation is standard for all, but each case is specific. Let’s have a meeting and discuss your case over e-coffee!

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