UnimazeGo - Mobile application

Simplify expense management for your company

UnimazeGo is a smartphone application that simplifies expenses incurred in three easy steps.



UnimazeGo makes all management of outsourced costs more efficient and convenient. With this smart mobile app solution, users can keep track of all receipts and returns, regardless of whether they pay with their personal or company card.

It is easy to connect UnimazeGo to most accounting systems, and implementation time is minimal to none.

Additionally, UnimazeGo works perfectly with other Unimaze solutions, such as Approval system, Digitizer, and Messaging.

How does UnimazeGo work?

Take a picture of the receipt in UnimazeGo

When an employee needs to buy a product or service on behalf of the employer, possibly with his card (outgoing expenses) or with the employer's payment card. It‘s important to keep a receipt of purchase for proof of payment for reimbursement of expenses from the employer and to keep track of all receipts of company expenses. What UnimazeGo solves is that in just three easy steps, you will get reimbursed and keep track of all receipts on your mobile.

UnimazeGo in three easy steps:

  • You take a picture of the receipt
  • Fill in the following information: Invoice, cost center, amount, currency, and project number.
  • Send costs

What happens next is that the cost information is sent via Unimaze messaging service to the relevant accounting system including the appropriate cost center for the expense.

To make the expense process even more automatic, we recommend using the Unimaze Approver, an advanced approval system that works perfectly with UnimazeGo, and Auto Coder, which can automatically code invoices and receipts received.

App store: UnimazeGo

Google Play: UnimazeGo

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