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28 November 2019

Can speed up your business cycle by 61%

With the many benefits of EDE, it is time to say goodbye to paper-based document exchange. We offer validations tools to ensure that your documents are in line with the set local and international standards.

Are you an enterprise-level business or large company looking for cloud-based solutions to let you access your documents and data from multiple locations? If that’s what you’re here for, you’ve landed on the right page. At Unimaze, we understand that with employees or subsidiary companies based in different locations, accessing documents in real-time can be challenging for the team. Or is it?

Introducing the Unimaze service for electronic document exchange for enterprise!

What’s In for You? Lots of goodies! Here’s what you get with our cloud-based business solutions.

Tons of Savings

Yup! That’s right. And we’re not exaggerating things here. Think about it. Exchanging paper documents is expensive. You have to print, reproduce, store, file, and mail the records. Now, that’s a hectic and costly process. Even more depressing, it’ll cost you more if you need to exchange lots of documents. But, everything changes when you switch to the Unimaze electronic document exchange solution. For starters, you don’t have to file or retrieve records. Most notably, EDE lowers your transaction costs by a significant 35 percent. Also, exchanging business documents means you have to use faxes. The downside? You’ll have to deal with illegible faxes at some point, not to mention lost or misplaced records. Add incorrectly taken phone orders into the mix, and everything becomes chaotic. The Unimaze document exchange software will cut these inconveniences and save your staff valuable time that they’d have spent solving information disputes.

Speed and Accuracy

EDE can speed up your business cycle by 61 percent. In essence, this means that you can exchange information in seconds instead of days or weeks if you’re using a mailing service. On top of that, it improves the quality of information, with minimal to no errors. Besides, you can resolve any issues on the document in real-time, further enhancing accuracy. Electronic exchange of documents using the Unimaze EDE software can reduce your order-to-cash cycle time by an impressive 30 percent, improving relationships with your trading partners.

Improved Business Efficiency

Automating paper-based tasks enables your employees to shift their focus to high-value growth strategies. In other words, it increases productivity. Quick and accurate processing of business records translates to less re-working of orders, minimal stock-outs, and fewer canceled orders. The automatic exchange of documents between employees and trading partners across a supply chain facilitates the swift sending of critical business data on time. That way, both the seller and the buyer enjoy improved cash flow and prompt payments. Reducing the amount it takes to process an order and delivery time means you can cut your inventory levels.

Strategic Business Planning

With our closed-based business solutions, you’ll see the status of your transactions live. This, in turn, enables you to make decisions quickly. It also allows a fast response to changing market and customer demands, enabling your business to adopt a demand-driven model instead of a supply-driven one. When you know what your target market wants, you can enhance and develop products a lot faster. The extended benefit is improved ability to penetrate new markets and territories. The Unimze electronic document exchange (EDE) solution ensures a common business language, allowing you to transact with partners anywhere in the world. To top it all off, the Unimaze electronic document exchange software encourages corporate social responsibility and sustainability by replacing paper-based processes with automated alternatives.

Get to Know the Unimaze EDE Packages

Our cloud-based electronic document exchange solutions cater to small businesses and large corporations alike. Here’s an overview of our EDE products.

Unimaze Server

Hosted on a private on-site server, eefacta is ideal for large businesses looking for a customized electronic document exchange solution.

Unimaze Hub

Hosted on the cloud, eefacta Hub is perfect for businesses whose ERP system is connected to the cloud using API or plugins. It is also suited for large corporations that want to start with a cloud-based solution before migrating to the private eefacta Server. The eefacta Hub connects to international and national documents exchange networks, including Peppol (EU, New Zealand, Australia, and Singapore) and NemHandel (Denmark). The eefacta Server can connect to the EDE networks mentioned above directly or directly through the eefacta Hub.

Move to the Cloud with Unimaze

With the many benefits of EDE, it is time to say goodbye to paper-based document exchange. We offer validations tools to ensure that your documents are in line with the set local and international standards. You’ll also get the tools you need to integrate our cloud-based electronic document exchange software into your ERP system. We’ll help you learn the rope as you move toward automating the way you handle your business records. Our solutions conform to the business document formats/transport standards and specifications.

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