Accounts Payable Automation

A process that involves digitizing accounts payable procedures.

Our invoice automation can process accounts payable and accounts receivable, making it a complete solution for your invoicing needs.


Accounts Payable Automation

  • Improved efficiency
  • Improved transparency
  • Improved security

Our invoice automation software can process accounts payable and accounts receivable, making it a complete solution for your invoicing needs. Account payable automation is a process that involves digitizing reports payable procedures.

More accurately, it entails using accounts payable automation software to streamline invoice management and, by extension, eliminate paper invoices.

Why Should You Automate Your Accounts Payable?

The long and short of it is that automating accounts payable is a must for any business that’s serious about streamlining its invoice payment processes.

Accounts payable automation comes with a host of benefits, including;

Improved Transparency

AP automation software will capture every transaction on your Purchase-to-Pay (P2P) process. The ripple effect is that;

Improved Efficiency

Automating accounts payable saves you time and money.

Besides, you don’t have to file piles of paper invoices, so you have a cleaner, more organized working space.

More importantly, you can pay your suppliers on time, allowing you to take advantage of the early payment discounts while avoiding late penalties.

Improved Security

An accounts payable automation solution worth your attention should offer “bank-level” security.

You can share information across departments without fear of data breaches.

On top of that, it should connect to your enterprise resource planning (ERP) tools, customer resource management (CRM), and other office suites to create a safe and secure network.

And, when your accounts payable is in sync with other payment processes, you will;

  • Improve relationships with your suppliers
  • Eliminate fraud
  • Enjoy an error-free invoicing process.

Accounts Payable FAQs

What Does Automating Accounts Payable Mean for my Team?

By using AP automation software, your finance team will have access to a structured invoicing system that allows them to manage payments and reconcile debts quickly and accurately.

That way, it is easy to tell your business's direction and, most importantly, forecast what’s likely to happen in the future.

What Should I Look for In the Best Accounts Payable Software?

The best accounts payable automation solution should be customisable to meet your business’s needs. Be sure to define your AP landscape and invoicing process before choosing one.

What Points of Invoicing Benefit the Most from AP Automation?

  • Data entry – Eliminating manual input of information
  • Matching Invoices – Ensuring that invoices match with respective purchase orders.
  • Approval – Ensuring that invoices get to the right decision-maker

How Does Unimaze Fit Into All This?

At Unimaze, we provide an AP automation solution that’ll cater to your unique business needs, whether you’re a small or large organization.

We bring more to the table than just streamlining your invoicing process.

Our AP automation software will;

  • Convert your supplier’s invoices, whether paper, e-invoice, XML or PDF, into a standard digital format that’s easy to understand for both trading parties.
  • Code and assign invoices to the right person for verification and approval
  • Match your supplier’s invoices with their corresponding purchase orders. Think of this as a touchless process that supports automatic payments after verifying invoices.

Unimaze Accounts Payable Automation Solution will make your invoicing process smooth, fast, and error-free. This results in better collaboration between invoice approvers, suppliers, and anyone else involved with purchases. Our AP automation software will give you an audit-ready transaction history of approved invoices, downloadable with a click. Unimaze accounts payable automation is customizable to your business’s specific invoicing landscape.

With us by your side, you’ll resolve invoice-related issues and queries quickly, resulting in faster approvals and payments.

Increase accuracy and control today with Unimaze AP automation!

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More features

Sending e-invoices

Send electronic business documents with our easy-to-use cloud-based solution!

Electronic Purchase Orders

Simplify your order management process. Your procure-to-pay process can be fully digitalized, and you’ll have all your business documents in one place.

Invoice validation

Peppol Validator enables easy and fast validation of documents that you send to the Peppol Network. The Validator supports most of the documents for which there are publicly available validation artifacts.

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