Track and trace

Easily track your invoices and payments

Track and trace Feature allows you to pin your documents to your dashboard on the Unimaze platform.


Track and Trace

This feature on the Unimaze Platform helps you navigate all invoices that need a second look.

Simply pin them and they will appear on your dashboard.

Track your invoices and monitor your accounts receivable in real-time

  • Easily track your invoices and payments
  • Real-time insight into your accounts payable and accounts receivable
  • Get paid on time

Keeping track of your invoices and incoming payments is a vital part of running your business. Knowing when payment is expected and when it comes into your account helps you make accurate estimates about your future finances. This can be almost impossible using paper invoices; after all, sending invoices with the post or other form of delivery is a tediously slow process, not to mention an invoice dispute that needs to be sent back. Going back and forth with paper invoices takes so much of your precious time and delays payment.

With electronic invoices and the brilliant Unimaze solution, tracking invoices is straightforward.

Using our cloud-based platform, you can control your accounts receivable and accounts payable, all in one place.

Here’s how it works:

You send and receive invoices electronically through our dispatcher; on your dashboard, you can see all the invoices you have sent and received, who they’re from, and the status of these invoices. You can see the exact time the invoice was sent when the recipient marked it as delivered, and you get a payment notification as soon as the payment has gone through. If there is a dispute, it can be handled instantly, using the messaging part of the platform. No more time was wasted waiting for the mail to come in.

Reporting and analysis of financial documents

  • Visual representation of your data
  • Extract and share your reports
  • Overview of all your business documents

Managing a business means having to know about the financial state of your business and being able to communicate that to other employees or stakeholders. In addition to letting you track all your documents, our platform allows you to see a visual representation of all the documents you have sent and received over a chosen period. Compare document types and different time intervals to forecast your future financial status. If you need to share the numbers, we’ve made it easy for you. With a simple push of a button, you can have your invoice overview, or the invoices themselves exported to MS Excel. Managing your finances and procurement process is a walk-in-the-park with our all-in-one solution!

More features

Accounts Payable Automation

Our invoice automation can process accounts payable and accounts receivable, making it a complete solution for your invoicing needs.

Receive Electronic Invoices

An easy-to-use cloud-based solution. Start receiving and sending e-invoices from anyone in the Peppol network.

Business relations

Keep all your business relations in one place. Easy look-up, Contact info, billing, and payment information – all in one place.Complete overview of communication history, Convenient and secure.

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