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Secure, simple, and fast software solution for exchanging e-invoices and e-documents

Today's fast-paced business environment requires software solutions to be secure and efficient. Unimaze has over 20 years of experience in e-document exchange software solutions Our platform allows receiving and sending e-invoices and e-documents in a simple way, reducing your overhead costs, and improving management of financial resources.

Experts in e-invoicing

Unimaze software
  • Seamless communication with the state e-Invoice System (SEF) - whether it's about receiving and sending e-invoices, their status, or sending an individual VAT return, performs all activities through just one software solution.
  • Quick and easy integration with ERP software - Integrated with almost all ERP and other business software, and the integration time is measured in days.
  • Advanced approval system - Digitize and improve your approval processes. Filter the data entering your ERP system through the automation of the approval process.
  • Digitizer - Digitize received invoices in paper form with the help of artificial intelligence and machine learning. Digitizer reduces manual data entry by up to 98%
  • UnimazeGo - a mobile application that takes your productivity to an even higher level - sends a fiscal invoice directly for approval, manages the e-invoices assigned to you, all from your mobile phone

Helping your business thrive

  • Save time and money - Unimaze Platform increases your productivity up to 15 times, reducing administrative costs and freeing up resources for more important tasks
  • Significantly higher accuracy - With automation, you reduce the risk of errors that are inevitable during manual entry
  • Better control of cash flows - Save up to 6.7 EUR per invoice, speed up the payment process, and thus have a positive effect on cash flows in your company
  • Customer Satisfaction - Provide your customers with a modern and efficient invoicing experience
  • Environmental sustainability - by digitizing the process of receiving and sending invoices, you positively affect the environment through a drastic reduction in the use of paper and printers, which results in a reduction of the carbon footprint (CO2 footprint) by up to 60%.
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