How to Automate Supplier Invoicing.

18 January 2023

Digitize your invoice management process and enable your business to adopt paperless transactions.

If your company handles a high volume of commercial transactions, it’s time to think about implementing invoice automation. This article tells you how to automate supplier invoicing.

How your business can benefit massively from invoice processing automation.

Unimaze offers a host of e-business tools to help digitize your invoice management process and, by extension, enable your business to adopt paperless transactions.

Some advantages of automated invoice processing include the following:

  • It saves you time
  • It helps cut operation costs.
  • It eliminates errors resulting from manual data entry.

How Does Unimaze Automate Supplier Invoices?

First, Unimaze is an Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) and integration expert.

In essence, we can integrate various workflows and suppliers that interact with your business.

We do this through the following:

  • Integrated EDI
  • Complete Purchase to Pay Flow
  • Supplier Portal

Let’s now look at each of these solutions.

Integrated EDI

Our integrated EDI suite allows you to automate integrating supplier information into your ERP system.

Speaking of ERP systems, Unimaze supports all the major ERP systems, including AP, Navision, Business Central, MS Dynamics 365, Uniconta, to mention but a few.

Invoice automation via EDI means that every supplier invoice your company receives is automatically integrated into your ERP system.

Why Unimaze Integrated EDI?

The biggest benefit of using our integrated EDI solution is its scalability.

Unimaze EDI is super-flexible and goes scalable beyond supplier invoices. Our solution can also cover messages, documents, and data exchanged with your trading partners.

So, how does supplier automation with integrated EDI work? We break it down for you:

  • First, Unimaze global electronic invoice receives invoices from your supplier with EDI solutions.
  • We then pre-validate the e-invoice to ensure it meets the legal and technical specifications of the country where your supplier plies their trade.
  • We’ll then map out the received invoice to a data structure that can integrate automatically with your ERP or accounts payable (AP) system.

That way, we can manage the processes and application resources required to guarantee a swift and secure exchange of all of your EDI transactions.

Other benefits of using integrated EDI to automate supplier invoices include:

It Enables Automation

The ability to issue and receive EDI documents from your ERP system allows you to integrate the ERP, customer relationship management (CRM), and any other management application involved in the electronic data interchange with your trading partners.

It Helps Streamline Your Invoice Management

Because integrated EDI reduces errors, improves response times, and enables better planning, it allows you to optimize your invoicing processes while saving you operating costs.

Supplier Portal

Unimaze supports Supplier Portal Service to enable automated integration of supplier invoices.

By integrating with your supplier’s management system, our solution allows you to send purchase orders to your suppliers and receive e-invoices automatically.

Your suppliers can generate invoices directly against the received purchase order.

Why Unimaze Supplier Portal?

The benefits of using the Unimaze Supplier Portal Service are:

  • It helps simplify the issuance of e-invoices because your suppliers can create the invoices from the data readily available in the purchase orders.
  • It helps simplify invoice-purchase order cross-reference allowing automatic integration into the AP system.

And the beauty of it is that you can integrate 100% of your suppliers, whether they use an EDI solution or not. In essence, this enables your business to continue enjoying the benefit of EDI without locking out suppliers that use EDI solutions.

What about the safety of your financial information?

Our supplier portal is entirely safe. We carry out the entire communication follow and integration process via a private electronic data interchange and secure protocols designed to handle EDI transactions.

Complete Purchase to Pay Flow

Invoice automation via the supplier portal further allows us to process the entire B2B purchasing cycle right from when a client creates a purchase order in their management system.

You can also implement messages notifying your suppliers about inventory information and confirm receipt once you get the merchandise.

Likewise, suppliers can send messages informing you that your merchandise is being shipped with other information like pricing and quantity.

Why Umimaze Purchase to Pay Flow?

The benefits of leveraging Unimaze’s purchase-to-pay flow solution are:

  • It allows you to issue orders in real-time, reducing time responses by your suppliers.
  • It enables you to automate the procure-to-pay automation right from the purchase order to pay your suppliers.
  • Because our solution is scalable, it allows you to customize workflows. By extension, this enables you to rapidly implement new messages like dispatch or reception advice messages.
  • You get more control and traceability of your purchase orders via notifications sent by your suppliers.
  • Enhanced management and cost-saving as a result of the automation of processes. The ripple effect is faster, error-free, and an improved purchasing process.
  • Supplier integration – As stated, our supplier portal allows you to integrate suppliers even when they don’t use an EDI solution.
  • The Unimaze supplier portal is part of our global solution to help businesses integrate their trading partners.

Automate Your Supplier Invoicing Process Today

The primary reason you’ll want to automate invoice processing is to simplify the complexities of invoicing while minimizing the expensive costs associated with AP practices.

Unimaze invoicing automation solutions eliminate reliance on old methods, enabling you to streamline your supplier invoicing process with a single, centralized system.

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